I am finally on top of my load here at home!  (for now) : )  We are almost done with our first “official” year of homeschooling and looking forward to Avery starting second grade and Savannah starting kindergarten. (our children do not start formal schooling until 6, but for Savannah’s excitement of progress… we call playing and coloring “kindergarten”)  : )

So to start this slideshow of the months… we start all the way back last summer… at the South Carolina Zoo.

The children were AMAZED at how LARGE a gorilla’s feet are, let alone it’s entire body!

We tried SO hard to stay in the aquarium exhibit… but guess where the boys spent the better part of 2 HOURS!!  In the snake exhibit.  Savannah and I tried our hardest not to shiver and learn something, but after 45 minutes of honest effort we were starting to get the heebie jeebies!  (there are NO images of that exhibit!)

Savannah enjoyed a sweet friend’s tea party birthday.  They made these adorable hats from butcher paper!

We took a trip to a really neat pioneer village where we got to see them churn butter, bake corn cakes from freshly milled kernels and best of all, sit in a real school house just like Little House On The Prairie!  (and try on the dunce caps)

THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  This picture cracks me up!  I had to have a photo of their first day of school, and we got them backpacks… just because… they are wearing NO shoes and Avery is still in p.j.’s.  We took the picture and then headed inside, with our empty backpacks, and made pancakes for our first day of school! haha!

The first days of copy writing are long gone.  We were still perfecting the lower case letters at this point… boy time flies!

Our family met up with Grandma and Papa for the children’s first Blue Angels air show!  They are REALLY LOUD!  The best part of the show was at the very end when they lit up the enormous fire wall!

Avery turned 7!!!  and still loves Star Wars… and Legos  :)

Savannah started riding a “big” bike without training wheels!!

When the mild southern winter was not keeping us inside, we were out perfecting our swing jumping skills.

We have soaked up quite a few mild sunsets.  I am now preparing myself for the humidity that is about to hit in a couple months.

Our beloved schnoodle.  Funny story… the children and I had been wanting a dog for a couple years, and Daddy is NOT a dog person!  He said on three conditions could we have a dog, 1. can’t smell (understandable) 2. can’t shed (getting harder to accommodate, but not impossible) 3. can’t bark (pretty much impossible)  I did a LOT of research and came up with a schoodle! She doesn’t smell, doesn’t shed (unless it’s the spring) and she doesn’t bark… unless there’s a cat, or a squirrel, or another dog, or a person walking down the sidewalk or she is alerting us that Daddy is home. haha! We still love her!

To catch us all up, Savannah turned 5 and got her ears pierced!!  She also got a new ‘Hello Kitty’ bike for her birthday!  She rode her brothers old one joyfully but I was starting to wonder when the issue of it being ORANGE and not PINK was going to affect her riding. haha

You are now all caught up with what our family has been up to! : ) YEAH!