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We want to make our children a priority in our lives.  The time we are speaking of is not the everyday activities, but the investment of time that shapes character, fills their heart cups, builds trust, respect and leaves a lasting impression in their memories.

As my husband and I were talking about how to intentionally make this a priority, here are a few things that were on his heart.

“I want to make my son a priority.”

“I don’t want to lose the yearning he has to spend time with his father, and I don’t want to ignore it.”

“I want him to learn things from his father.”

“I want to make a lasting impression on him.”

Here are a few ideas that we brainstormed and we are going to put into practice.

~go fishing on a Saturday morning

~check out a book from the library on bugs or lizards and go for a hike while looking for these native critters

~build a simple bird house or bird feeder

~take him to the beach and boogie board the waves

~go to the local baseball field and hit balls or practice hitting golf balls

~take him to breakfast, dinner or dessert – just the guys

~visit Lowe’s on the build-it workshop days

~teach him knot tying with a rope

~build a fort in the backyard

~build a fire, so the whole family can enjoy s’mores

(don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Savannah! :) Every other Saturday morning is her special day with Daddy, and the other Saturdays are Mama’s.  At this age Savannah is so easy going… just talk to her about her baby dolls and what’s in her purse, or let her paint something and she is content.)


Any other ideas of what a Daddy can do with his son or daughter?