Now first off, we love a LOT of books, however this is just a few that leave our eyes wondering the pages long after the words have been read.  These are the kinds of books we want our children to cherish and enjoy.  The in-your-face, cartoony OVERSTIMULATING books that are being published now days… blah!

I once read somewhere, probably in a CM book, that if I do not enjoy reading it, my children are not going to enjoy it.  Granted that may not hold up well with all the books that match the well-commercialized cartoons, but the books that we try to stick with are captivating, timeless and WELL written!  They cultivate imagination and new adventures waiting to be played out.

All these books have delightful illustrations, ones that leave us talking about them later.  And so this is our list!

James Herriot’s Treasury For Children

(I admit, I have been caught with a tear in my eye from these stories)

(alright, basically ALL of the Billy and Blaze books we love!)

WOW!  That was too short!  What are some of your favorite books?  We would love to add them to our collection!