Lately I have been uninspired to go out in the blasting HEAT and study nature.  We would rather run back in side, shut the door quickly so as not to let in the smothering humidity!

So I thought why not do a loosey-goosey version of a nature study post on the beach.  That is where we spend most our time, if we are outside.

The children love to run back and forth with the incoming waves, build squiggle castles, dig holes, catch and study hermit crabs, chase the sea birds in vain (with the hopes of catching one to pet), collect all assortments of shells….

We don’t go into depths about much, unless prompted by wondering minds.  We have discussed the effects of the moon on the tides, and what hermit crabs eat, why wet sand makes better castles then dry sand, but other than that we have let their own experiences in this instance (beach study) teach them.

At this age, we believe they are not meant to be bombarded with information, but to learn naturally through experience.  Hours of play, poking and prodding, and the occasional ant bite.