WOW!!  Time has flown since I last posted!  I often feel that since we are using the Charlotte Mason Method to a “T”, (my children are 6 and 4, and we start year one this fall) that right now I don’t have much to write about.  Often posting seems forced, but I just need to step back and think that I will get there.  There will be PLENTY of opportunity to share our literature, art, HANDICRAFTS (my favorite, can you tell) and other wisdom that we learn along our journey.

For now I will simply share about

*Florida sunsets

*Savannah “Ingalls”

*This fake snake in a tree branch hanging over a sidewalk in our neighborhood.  Every time we pass it I shudder, ICKY!  NOT FUNNY!

*and these handmade napkins that I just happened across on this AWESOME website!  I am anxious to go through my scrap fabric and get started!

See you back here soon when I host the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival! It will be about NARRATION!!