Filling a cup has more than one meaning in our home.  It is more than pouring water in a glass, it is filling our children’s hearts to overflowing.  My husband and I often encourage one another in the midst of building legos or playing mother to stuffed animals that, “you are really filling their cup”.

Part One is about filling a “pink cup”, and part two will be about a “blue cup”. :)  Ladies first right!?

(praying for our picnic lunch, the cupcake cups are for our tea)

Having a picnic on the carpet with four other stuffed friends or out picking flowers with Daddy is more than child’s play.  It is love, undivided attention, showing her she is a blessing worth giving time to, her imagination is grand and we appreciate it, but mostly to her, it is simply Mama or Daddy playing with her.

(enjoying our blueberry and strawberry tea)

Be warned, the effects of filling a child’s cup are as follows: extra snuggles, sweet smiles, admiration and knowing their Mama and Daddy think they are special.

My husband and I may want to check our email, drink our coffee on the couch in peace, do some laundry without helping hands, or make a meal without being slowed down by clumsy little hands half stirring the ingredients.  However, if the time affords, it doesn’t take much to fill up a little cup!