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Well, I am finally tackling the task of teaching my 6 y/o to read.  He knows his letter sounds, how to blend and even a few site words and according to Ruth Beechick’s book A Home Start In Reading,

that is the hardest part of learning.  I have to admit I am FRIGHTENED by this subject!  Art- easy-peasy, math- got it, history well…my husband is teaching it.  (I might have a better appreciation for it now, but I cheated my way through in high school.  I know shocking right!)

Now Phonics… WHAT?!  I do agree with Ruth when she said that there is a mysterious complication that shrouds phonics. How do I get past that and just do it.  The /ould/ sounds, the silent /gh/ sound, so many variables!  How did people learn how to read early on?  Well some didn’t, but I imagine they didn’t have a hundred phonics workbooks to choose from.

We are starting out with a primer by William H. McGuffey, but it is not the typical cat, hat, bat, dog log and so on.  In Avery’s first lesson yesterday, he learned words that had no connection to each other nor were they phonetically spelled.  Is this right or should you start with the phonetically spelled words, which put together in a sentence, have no realistic flow?

Not feeling competent in this subject is a struggle for me.  I am continually questioning myself.  I want to teach him with a natural flow, although I don’t know what that is?  Perhaps what I have been doing will work out, I just need patience and to trust myself.  Phonics is definitely out of my comfort zone!

Anyone have any suggestions?