With flowers blooming and pollen falling, the bees have been in full swing around our yard.  We have spent many hours beneath the warm, spring sun studying the bees.  Bumble bees are our favorites!

Unfortunately for this bumble bee, it got trapped in our screened in porch.  On the flip side, we were able to pick it up and have a closer look.

Having so many casualties out in the screened porch, I told the children to pick their favorite and draw it.  They had to tell me how many legs it had, was it fuzzy or not, how many segments does the body have, what colors did they see and was it slender or plump.


Savannah actually picked out a dead hornet, I am guessing she liked the vivid colors. (good thing it wasn’t alive!)

We kept our bee facts to a minimum.  We studied the 3 main segments of a bee, the six legs, how it gathers pollen, and briefly the life stages of a bee. (specifically a honey bee)  We used the first half of this bee website for our bee facts.  (the rest was a little more beyond the “basics”)

To top it all off we had bug macaroni! Cute right!?  I found it at Publix.