We love, love spring time here and even though it is not official, we are entranced by buzzing bees, leaves awakening, brisk evenings and pleasant afternoons.  I grabbed a couple old pieces of bread from the fridge, we brushed the pollen off our bikes and rode off to the park.

We took a chance in thinking that there might be ducks at this pond, and YES there was!  Well, one, but still a mouth to be fed by my anxious children.  You would have thought we were tossing rocks at him, because he wanted nothing to do with it.


Avery didn’t seem to mind too much, he was fascinated by the turtles bobbing in and out of the water.  “Mommy, MOMMY look at all the turtles!  Look at them all on the dirt…oh, sorry…. they just went into the water.”

We took a rest from the turtles, and focused our attention for a moment on the dancing little bugs, which Savannah named “baby butterflies”.  I sat and watched as they swished their hands in and out of the small swarm, completely content with these teensy, white winged bugs.

Charlotte Mason writes something to this effect about observing nature,

“Why does he crave equally, a horse or a house-fly as an appropriate plaything?  Because, far and near, large and small, are ideas he has yet to grasp.  The child has truly a great deal to do before he is in a condition to believe his own eyes;  but nature teaches so gently, so gradually, so persistently, that he is never overdone, but goes on gathering little stores of knowledge about whatever comes before him.”  Home Education, by Charlotte M. Mason, volume 1, pg. 66.

Children are absolutely amazing, in that, something so irrelevant to me, is mesmerizing to them.  I just have to have the patience to let them study it for a while.  My natural intellect tells me that turtles or the duck would have been more of a necessity to examine, but now that I think about it, the swarm of little bugs were quite fascinating.

As my husband cuddled the children on the couch for the evening re-cap, I overheard him ask “What was your favorite part of your day today?”

Savannah joyfully answered,  “Going to the PARK, and Avery picking up the roly-poly bug, and me taking it out of his hand, and putting it back in his hand, and me taking it back and looking at it!”  (very sing-songy towards the end)

Avery concurred.

I forgot about the roly-poly, but there you have it, big or small, there is joy and information to be gathered.

Enjoy your nature walks.  A normal walk could be deemed a “nature” walk if you simply allow the child to observe, study and touch.  (the ants, the clouds, the shape of leaves, MUD.)

oh, and this is Savannah’s “humble” flower that she picked.

(we had just finished singing the song at the end of Charlotte’s Web, (I can’t recall the volume at which we sang that, I hope no one heard us. er, uh, I mean me.)  you know…”fine swine, wish he was mine”….