Yesterday and earlier today I felt like I might have been in a therapy group introducing myself…

Hi.  My name is Heather.  I am a homeschooler, and I want to send my children to public school.

“Hi. Heather”

All this character building and fresh air, and no t.v… AHHH!

More like, all I needed was a striped shirt and a whistle!

Alright so all that said, my wonderful husband gave me a much needed break, and when my children greeted me at the door, I grabbed them and held them so tight.  I loved them, and at that moment I was a homeschooling mom again.

The values, yes the character, the Bible teaching, the must needed roles being taught and laid out throughout the day, chores, self-discipline, reading in mama’s lap, swinging with bare feet… ahhh to be at home.

At home being brought up by two God fearing parents that love them wholly.