On this chilly day of rest, we are taking comfort in chocolate chip cookies!  Hopefully the warming aroma of these delicious treats baking does not wake up the children! :)  In fact, what woke them, was my car pulling out of the drive way in a quick dash to get a very important ingredient in cookies! EGGS! Yes, I started the cookies and didn’t realize we didn’t have eggs in the house.  It doesn’t end there though!

As my little ballerina pulled up a chair to help, I couldn’t help but get out my camera and snap some shots of her precious little hands adding this and that to the bowl.  Lost in my enjoyment of our daughter, I YET again forgot something.

Thank God I remembered I had doubled the recipe, but only put in the half of the flour!  Only one batch came out ruined.  :)

The other few dozen are scrumptious, I promise!

We very much enjoy our day of rest, on which we can fellowship with our church family, listen to God’s word being taught, and enjoy a cup of coffee on the sofa just my hubby and I!  On this day of rest we were able to bless a special family with some encouragement and cookies, and my cousin in Afghanistan will appreciate some homemade goodies as well.  What do you do on your day of rest?