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I found these calendars at our local shopping centers.  I was so excited when I found a calendar that features photographs from Monet’s actual garden!  These are inexpensive ways to have LARGE beautiful prints of the artists work.

I am a ‘do it fast and do it right now’ type gal, so I mistakenly just started ripping the pages apart, not thinking that it would be better to undue the staples!  So after I carefully removed the staples, I used my paper cutter to make them all the same size.  (I am also a bit of a perfectionist, not sure how those two go together haha)

To make sure I know what I am talking about when I show these prints to our children, I put the description of the painting on the back of the print. (so as not to distract from the studying of the painting.)

Don’t forget about those miniature prints on the back of the calendars!  These are great for children to hold themselves and study.  They love to have something to touch. (You should know that if you have ever taken a little one into a store with breakables!)  The back of the calendar is usually printed on a sturdier paper, so this is a perfect hand-held resource that will stand up to curious hands!