Today was slightly foggy and overcast, but it reminded me of Oregon.  The chilly air, the greyness of trees cloaked in fog, the wildness of the sky…BEAUTY!   The looming clouds were almost enough to keep us inside, and yet we decided to bundle up and “weather” it.  The ducks greeted us eagerly and as we strolled around the pond, they searchingly followed.





As we came to the end of our nature walk, we came across what looked like a dead duck.  We all looked at it with a sad heart, but then our dog noticed the duck and the duck noticed the DOG!  She  flinched slightly but insisted on lying flat, camouflaging her EGG!  Of course I whipped out my camera again and we all intruded on her space, except the dog, who was held at a safe distance.

This then led to many questions, and we also had a chance to reminisce about a book we recently read..


Make Way for Ducklings